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Too many financial advisors are frustrated with the challenges of growing their businesses.

Being a financial advisor in the age of digital advice can be challenging. We understand the pain and frustration of increased compliance, the pressure on fees, and the sameness across the industry.


Frustration #1

Do you struggle to differentiate yourself to your clients & prospects?

Frustration #2

Do you wish you could automatically protect your clients from large market declines?

Frustration #3

Are you tired of having to explain lackluster performance?

Frustration #4

Are you feeling pressured to maintain your firm's profitability?

Outcomes Matter



Reason Clients Leave a Financial Advisor is

Underperformance of Investments


Financial Advisors Cited a Client's Greatest Concern is

Investment Performance

Source:  QUALTRICS Advisor Survey & Kaplan's College of Financial Planning

We Feel Your Pain. 

In a market that is challenged on all sides by easily accessible financial planning tools, robo-advisors, self-help options, and big-name firms, how do you stand out to attract more business? It’s one of the biggest challenges that every financial advisor faces.

Yet, for progressive advisors, it has never been easier to build a thriving practice that stands out from the competition.

Transform Your Business.  Let Us Show You How.

We understand the needs of advisors.  Leveraging over 30 years of industry experience, we can help you grow your business. Built for advisors by and advisor.  That is the Drawbridge difference.

Sophisticated Strategies

We use advanced algorithms to build a diversified global portfolio of ETFs and stocks giving you access to strategies normally available only to large institutions and hedge funds.

Learn about our strategies

No Guesswork

Our rules-based process produces precise buy and sell signals month after month. By eliminating human emotions you eliminate the #1 reason investors underperform the market.

Sleep Well

No longer do you have to fear big market declines…our systematic approach will keep your accounts (and your business) safely protected with automatic downside protection.

Higher Returns

Our strategies have historically provided higher returns than traditional diversify and hold approaches.

Lower Risks

Our strategies have historically demonstrated significantly lower downside volatility than traditional buy-and-hold approaches.  Our Downside Risk Protector ® protects your client accounts from major market declines.

Save Money

Access to our models is for one flat fee, regardless of the size of your business.  This can save you thousands of dollars in management fees meaning more profit for you and your clients.

Our Easy to Follow Process


Step 1. 

Subscribe today and get immediate access to our financial advisors members area.

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Step 2.

Simply follow our easy-to-understand model allocations and update your client’s account so that it matches our model holdings.

Step 3. 

You will receive a notification when a change to a model has been made.  When you do, repeat Step # 2.



“I am an active manager with over 48 years of experience. I was introduced to Tim’s Keystone strategy by friends of mine who were pleased with the excellent client retention they had using it. I now have been using the strategy myself I am pleased with the performance. It relieves stress because the draw downs are small and it keeps my clients happy with the results.” 


Financial Advisor,IA

"I have been using models created by Tim for a few years now.   For me, they provide an easy way to implement successful strategies that create long-term wealth within a risk-adjusted portfolio.

For my clients, regardless of their age, they like the fact that they are participating in the market but also move out of the market when risk is higher.

The models provide a good balance of different asset classes that I might not necessarily have picked myself, thus providing the needed diversification for growth and risk."


Contrary Thinker

Queensland, Australia 

"Tim Fortier is one of the brightest young minds in the biz"



Exclusive for Financial Advisors

  • ADAPTIVE ETF models
  • Advanced Diversified Alpha ETF models
  • Quantitative stock models
  • Monthly asset class rankings
  • Advisor only webinars
  • White label marketing material (set-up fee may apply) 



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  • ADAPTIVE ETF models
  • Advanced Diversified Alpha ETF models
  • Quantitative stock models
  • Monthly asset class rankings
  • Advisor only webinars
  • White label marketing material (set-up fee may apply) 


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For advisors seeking a custom solution, or consulting,ย the Drawbridge OCIO solution(in partnership with BX Partners) is designed to harness the power of our rules-based models within a framework of robust OCIO support.ย 

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