Model Strategies

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What's an ETF model strategy?


An ETF model strategy is a universe of ETFs organized and managed to produce a targeted outcome in terms of market exposure, returns, and risks.  Rules-based strategies utilize a rigorous, predefined set of rules to manage all buy and sell decisions.

Income Strategies

Our income strategies apply our rules-based methodology to a broad universe of fixed-income, dividend, and alternative-income ETFs.  

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Core Strategies 

Our core strategies offer investors broad diversification and are designed to serve as a core, foundational holding within a portfolio. 

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Specialty Strategies

Our specialty strategies are designed to supplement a portfolio by providing targeted exposure to specific styles, sectors, or geographic regions. 

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What are advanced ETF strategies?


Advanced ETF strategies use a combination of rules-based strategies to further diversify the return stream with the goal to provide consistent results in a variety of economic regimes.  

These strategies have been specifically designed to address the recent challenges of rising interest rates, inflation, and declining stock averages.

Advanced ETF model strategies

These strategies build on our core strategies and add additional strategies such as trend-following, interest rates hedges, tail-risk, and inflation hedges, 

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What's a quantitative stock model strategy?


A quantitative stock model strategy is a strategy that buys and sells stocks utilizing a systematic, multi-factor ranking methodology to determine all buy and sell decisions. The most common factors analyzed are those that review, value, growth, quality, technical, sentiment, stability and size factors.

Quantitative Stock Models

We offer investors a variety of rules-based strategies that target specific indices, sectors, and styles. 

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