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We Think Differently About Investing


We help investors achieve more consistent results by relentlessly using repeatable and predictable processes.


I believe that building wealth is more about managing risk than seeking outsized returns and that human emotion is detrimental to long-term portfolio growth. I believe that academically researched, systematized models deployed with rules-based accuracy deliver long-term investing success.  

Thanks to the FinTech revolution, investors can now trade commission-free, purchase fractional shares, and through ETFs, invest in virtually every asset-class and industry.

Unfortunately, investment advice is often still based on an outdated 70-year old theory that not fit the real-world needs of investors. 

My mission is to provide investors with a better approach- an approach that provides better results with greater predictability, higher returns, and lower risk.

Tim Fortier

Founder & Chief Investment Strategist , Drawbridge Strategies

Research Driven

We apply the scientific method to investment management.  Our investment strategies are based on academic research and its practical application.  We seek real-world evidence and design our strategies using a rules-based framework that is quantitative and free from human emotions.

Risk Managed

We believe that risk-management is the most critical element of investment management.  The simple laws of compound growth and the sequential nature of investment returns, demand that downside risks be kept to a minimum. Our approach goes beyond traditional methods and looks deep into “process risk”. 

About Tim...

The short version– "I have spent my entire 30-plus-year career in the investment industry.  I became interested in systematic portfolio management strategies back in the ’90s when online securities databases were becoming more available. 

In 2004, I had this crazy idea to begin publishing models that I was using within my wealth management office. We were having great success with the models and I wanted a way to help more investors.  It turned out, investors were interested and I have been publishing models ever since.   

While I have lost track of all of the investment books that I have read, my approach today has largely been influenced by what I have learned from studying William O’Neal, James O’Shaughnessy, Stan Weinstein, and Tom Dorsey."